Friday, 5 June 2015

Dr Who Night

My response to another Summertime Inspiration Prompt from the SA Writer's Centre, this time with an unexpected twist.

Writing Prompt 5: You leave a noisy room to hear a phone message. The message is unimportant but when you return to the room your life has been changed forever.
I excused myself and walked outside under the pretence of listening to a phone message. Why had she brought me here? Could there be a more boring bunch of people to be around on a Saturday night? I'd have much preferred to spend the evening in my trackies with Dr Who, a pizza and a few cold beers.  
When I finally summoned the will to walk back in they were all nude. Every single one of them. Completely starkers. 
I started to feel a little self-conscious. 
She beckoned me over with a smile, lounging comfortably on the lap of a woman we'd been talking to earlier. I thought the woman had said she was a photographer, but now I wondered, had she said pornographer?  
I lingered for a moment too long for someone fully dressed then decided to make tracks. This wasn't my scene but it was evidently hers, and I was OK with that. In those few moments she'd opened my mind to a whole new world of possibilities. 
Walking home I wondered if it would be inappropriate to ask her for that photographer's number.

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