Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Short and Twisted Anthology

Celapene Press have been producing Short and Twisted anthologies since 2007. They include well-crafted stories (100-2000 words), poems (20 line maximum), photos or illustrations, with a twist.

I'm over the moon to learn that one of my 'mini-short' submissions has been selected for publication and will appear in the Short and Twisted Anthology to be released in June 2015. 

A 'mini-short' is a story with a twist with a maximum of 100 words and, intrigued by the challenge, I prepared four 'mini-shorts' for submission on New Year's Eve last year. 

The one that's been accepted is all of 37 words and was one of 54 submissions selected from the 532 received. 

It will be available via Celapene Press as a book or ebook.

In case you're curious, here are a couple of my not-so-successful entries:
Black Sheep 
Nuts. That's all he wanted to eat that day. I think he was nuts. He always had to be different. Last time it was berries and before that geraniums of all things. I hated the smell of geraniums on his breath. Anyway, it was no surprise to me when the wind swept him right out of the macadamia tree, up, up and away. Those nuts had made him swell like a balloon. If he'd stuck with gum leaves like the rest of us perhaps he'd still be here today.
The Promotion 
She couldn't have been more prepared for her big presentation except for that damn frog in her throat. She tried to clear it but it wasn't until her colleague whacked her on the back that it finally leapt from her mouth and jumped across the board room table. In some cultures that was considered to be good luck.

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